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The African Mask by Gunter Gerngross: A Book Review

The African Mask is a short and easy-to-read story for learners of English at the elementary level. It is part of the Helbling Readers Red Series, which offers fiction and non-fiction stories with audio CDs and online resources. The book was written by Gunter Gerngross, a teacher and author of many English textbooks and readers, and illustrated by Cristiano Lissoni, a freelance illustrator and graphic designer.


The story follows Janet, a young woman who receives a letter from her old boyfriend Donald McKinnon, inviting her to visit him in Scotland. She decides to go and buys him a present: a small silver elephant from an African shop. She remembers that Donald loves Africa and always wanted to go there. However, when she arrives at his house, she finds out that he is very sad and that there is something mysterious about his African mask. Why do people in the village avoid him? What is the secret behind the mask? And what will happen when Janet tries to help him?

The book is suitable for readers who want to improve their vocabulary and comprehension skills while enjoying a suspenseful and engaging story. The language is simple and clear, with some Scottish words and expressions explained in footnotes. The book also includes a glossary, some exercises, and a recording of the text on the audio CD. The illustrations are colorful and attractive, adding to the atmosphere of the story.

The African Mask is a book that will appeal to readers who like mystery, adventure, and romance. It is a short but satisfying read that will keep you guessing until the end. You can find more information about the book and download a sample chapter from [this website]. You can also download the audio and PDF files of the book from [this link] or read it online from [this source].


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