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Starlink: Battle For Atlas - Collection Pack 1 Keygen Download

Starlink: Battle for Atlas - Collection Pack 1 Download

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is a sci-fi action-adventure game that lets you explore a vast open world in a starship of your own design. You can mix and match different parts to customize your starship, pilot, and weapons, and use them to fight against the evil Forgotten Legion that threatens the galaxy.

Download Zip:

If you want to enhance your adventure and achieve victory with more options, you can download the Collection Pack 1, which includes new starships, pilots, and weapons. The Collection Pack 1 is a downloadable content (DLC) that requires the base game Starlink: Battle for Atlas to play.

What's in the Collection Pack 1?

The Collection Pack 1 includes the digital version of:

  • Nadir Starship Pack: This pack includes the pilot Shaid, the Nadir starship, and the Nullifier weapon. Shaid is a stealthy outlaw who can cloak herself and her allies. The Nadir is a fast and agile starship that can evade enemy fire. The Nullifier is a powerful weapon that fires a black hole that sucks in enemies and deals damage over time.

  • Kharl Zeon Pilot: Kharl is a scientist who can use his gravity well ability to manipulate objects and enemies. He can also scan and analyze enemies to reveal their weaknesses.

  • Razor Lemay Pilot: Razor is a rock star who can use her sonic boom ability to blast enemies with sound waves. She can also boost her allies' damage with her rock and roll attitude.

  • Hailstorm Weapon Pack: This pack includes the Hailstorm and Meteor Mk.2 weapons. The Hailstorm is a frost weapon that fires ice shards that can freeze enemies. The Meteor Mk.2 is a fire weapon that launches flaming projectiles that can ignite enemies.

How to download the Collection Pack 1?

The Collection Pack 1 is available on various platforms, such as Steam, Ubisoft, and Nintendo. You can purchase and download the Collection Pack 1 from these platforms by following their instructions. You will need to have the base game Starlink: Battle for Atlas installed on your device before you can play the Collection Pack 1.

Once you have downloaded the Collection Pack 1, you can access the new content from the game menu. You can select your starship, pilot, and weapons from the loadout screen, and switch them anytime during gameplay. You can also use the new content in co-op mode with a friend.

Why should you download the Collection Pack 1?

The Collection Pack 1 adds more variety and fun to your Starlink: Battle for Atlas experience. You can experiment with different combinations of starships, pilots, and weapons to find your preferred playstyle. You can also enjoy new challenges and missions with the new content. The Collection Pack 1 will give you more ways to explore, fight, and save the galaxy.


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