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Ciria Report 136 Formwork Striking Times

Ciria Report 136 Formwork Striking Times

Formwork is a temporary structure that supports fresh concrete until it has gained sufficient strength to be self-supporting. The time required for concrete to reach this stage is known as the formwork striking time. Striking times are important for the safety, quality and economy of concrete construction. However, they depend on many factors, such as the type and grade of concrete, the curing conditions, the loading and environmental effects on the structure, and the methods of assessment used.

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Ciria Report 136 Formwork Striking Times is a comprehensive guide that describes the criteria governing the striking of formwork. It reviews methods for predicting striking times using computer programs and describes the applications of these systems. Users are also guided on techniques for reducing striking times where these are considered excessive. The methods for determining formwork striking times are described, together with their advantages and weaknesses. The detailed appendices include a method for calculating the concrete strength required for a structure to withstand wind loading shortly after removal of formwork, and an example of the calculation of maturity using the Sadgrove formula.

The report is based on extensive research and experience from various countries, including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, France and Japan. It covers both conventional and high-performance concretes, as well as different types of formwork systems, such as timber, steel, aluminium and plastic. It also provides recommendations for good practice and quality control in formwork striking.

Ciria Report 136 Formwork Striking Times is an essential reference for engineers, contractors, consultants and researchers involved in concrete construction. It provides state-of-the-art advice on striking times and helps to ensure that concrete structures are built safely, efficiently and with optimal performance.


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